Choosing the correct size bangle can be tricky. The key is to take account of the size of your hands AND your wrists. To help you get the correct size download the PDF that we have below. Print the PDF without any change to the size – do not select “scale to paper” or “fit to paper”. This will give you the exact sizes of the bangles.

BANGLE SIZER – Bangle_sizer_OMGosh

Things to remember….

  • ┬áIf you choose to cut out the length of the bangle to check the size remember that paper is a lot more flexable than acrylic. If you need to wiggle to make it fit go for the next size up.
  • Check that your hand can fit the size you’ve chosen not just your wrist.
  • As the bangles are handmade some variation may occur.
  • lastly, if in doubt – choose the next size up.





What size bangle do I need?